Liliana, The Last Hope

The last hope? Of course she is.

By HepTypeC


Wow. Just wow. A three cost Liliana. THREE MANA! For a measly 1BB I can cast one of my favorite planeswalkers of all time…and she’s good. Is she as glitzy and glamorous as some of the fakes circulating the interwebs in the past few days? No. But that doesn’t mean the wait hasn’t been well worth it.

Knowing how Liliana is, and then viewing her as the “Last Hope”, would not normally be a welcomed sight. It wouldn’t even be one that was completely faithful to the lore. However, these aren’t normal circumstances, and against the Eldrazi (who we may or may not be getting a little tired of anyway), she is a force to be reckoned with. It’s almost a bit refreshing to see this side of her, gleefully playing in a sandbox of the dead. She is still trying to be completely manipulative and is also going about things the absolute hardest way possible, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from our newest Gatewatch member.

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